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  • Authorized Sales, Service & Spare Parts Dealers for MAHINDRA Generator.
  • Diesel Generators
    • RESIDENTIAL          
  • Gas Generators
  • Service contracts and Annual maintenance contracts
  • Design and Manufacturing acoustic enclosures
  • Design and Manufacturing Room acoustic treatment
  •    Design and installation of Fuel handling work, such as automatic bulk storage tanks, ranges from 5000 - 120, 000 Liters.
  • Generator Spare Parts
  • Exhaust chimney
  • Obtaining Explosive license, pollution board approval etc
  • mahindra make diesel generator sets ranging from 5 KVA to 3200KVA with both 415V and 11KV alternators.

Our Prime motto is to provide effective after sales service for all the sets supplied by us. Service is being provided for Mechanical, Electricals and systems integration with experienced and factory trained personnel.

To support our operations we have the services of some of the best engineers in the service industry and also the services of highly trained design engineers. We have a 7000 sq ft factory where we manufacture our own acoustic canopies complying with all the specifications and guidelines, silencers, bulk storage tanks and attenuators.

All essential Spare Parts for routine maintenance and emergency spare parts up are stored with us at Chennai and Hyderabad office. All other Top and Major overhaul Spares are being stored with MAHINDRA and will be made available within the shortest time. In total we provide 100% spare parts for all mahindra DG sets supplied by us.
We also undertake operation and maintenance contracts for the DG sets supplied by us. We provide 3 shift technicians with one supervisor during the General shift.

Rating(KVA) Model BHP Length (mm) Width (mm) Height
15 KE15 29.6 1990 950 1528
20 KE20 29.6 1990 950 1528
25 KE25 37 2200 950 1528
30 KE30 44.4 2200 950 1528
50 KZA50 88.4 2950 1000 1528
63 KZA63 88.4 2950 1000 1600
85 KZA85 136 3400 1260 1600
100 KZA100 136 3400 1260 1675
125 KZA125 172.5 3500 1260 1675
1010 1000REOZM 1424 4800 2000 2100
1250 1250REOZM 1635 5100 2200 2200
1500 1600REOZM 2280 5750 2200 2500
1800 1800REOZM 2280 5900 2200 2500
2000 2000REOZM 2599 6093 2120 3265
2500 2500REOZB 3270 6500 3000 3200
3000 3000REOZB 4400 6500 3000 3250
  • Higher BHP Engine with Prime Rated Diesel Generator
  • 100% loading capacity and every 12 hours of operation 1 hour can be overloaded up to 10%
  • Electronic Governor for speedy response for fuel injection.
  • Turbo charged Aspiration to improve the Engine performances.
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Higher fuel efficiency
  • Exclusive service outlet in Chennai to cater your service needs.
  • Even though exclusive service is there, we are here to support all your queries and get it done.
  • Noise level less than 75dBA at 1 meter distance.
  • Ease of Maintenance.
  • Single Point lifting arrangement.
  • All service points at one end of the machine.
  • Along with water fuel separator
  • Advance Digital Controller.
  • Protection elements for Engine & Alternator. 
  • Compact set with single bearing alternator and single exhaust outlet
  • Highest block loading capability
  • Digital solid state volts–per-hertz voltage regulator with 0.25% no load to full load regulation.
  • Electronic isochronous governor offers precise frequency regulation.
  • Woodward ProAct II engine governor for faster response.
  • PMG generator offers better motor starting capability and short circuit capability.
  • Low operating cost
  • Microprocessor controlled integrated controller with in-built AMF logic
  • Remote Control Interface (PC Compatibility)
  • Sustained short circuit current of up to 300% of rated current for up to 10 secs.
  • The generator complies to ISO8528-5, class G3 requirement for transient performance
  • Very good aesthetics
  • Advantage of perceived quality of imported products
  • Global product with local product support
  • Additional safeties like low coolant level, over Voltage, under Voltage, over 
  • Frequency, under frequency, over cracking, over excitation, Low battery  Voltage & reverse power protection
  •  Digital display with user friendly menu bar
  •  Generators in chennai
  •  Pre-warning to protect machine undergoing fault condition and thus avoid further deterioration on a long run.
  • Additional system monitoring & system diagnostics for optimum performance.
  • Compatible to communicate with a Personal computer individually or on network when equipped with the optional communication products like LAN, WAN etc.
  •  These controllers are provided with RS-232 / RS-485 data/com ports so as to      facilitate an operator with a PC to control & monitor the generator set from a remote site over telephone lines.
  •  The controller conforms to ISO 8528-5 class G3 standards, for transient response.
  • The DEC 550 controller in combination with additional peripheral GRMSS provides additional systems reliability round the clock monitoring through SMS by notifying selected recipient on equipment problems.
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